About Me

Ben Huxley

With over 20 years of hands-on experience in creative and digital roles, I am a genuine Creative Leader who has worked with renowned organisations such as Paddy Power, The BBC, News UK, and The Press Association. Throughout my career, I have created content for some of the world’s largest brands and played a central role in managing one of the most beloved social media accounts globally. I have also contributed to scriptwriting for TV and radio advertisements, developed ideas for press campaigns, and been heavily involved in one of the most famous sports sponsorship campaigns in history.

Most of my work has revolved around collaborating with digital and media teams, executing projects across various platforms. Throughout my career, I have gained experience in sports, media, entertainment, and breaking news.

What I Do

Creative Thinking

Experienced creative thinker capable of delivering exceptional and innovative ideas, and leading creative teams across a wide range of industries.

Brand Strategy

10+ years of experience entrenched in creative roles in some of the biggest and best-loved brands in the UK and Ireland.

Digital Design

Exceptional graphic and digital designer with a keen eye for detail and excellent understanding of typography, colour theory and composition.

Event Management

Particular passion for the creation and delivery of award-winning, innovative branded live events and experiences.