PP – Social Graphics

Paddy Power are a brand who are renowned for their hilarious social media content, and I was lucky to spend 8 years at the heart an incredible team.  As the lead designer for the social team, over the years I was responsible for creating artwork which generated tens of millions of impressions and was shared all over the world.

As well as being known for razor-sharp wit, and our lightening-quick reactions, Paddy Power love to hoodwink the public into questioning whether or not something is real.  In order to achieve this, it often meant that the design work needed to hyper-realistic in order to make the content as believable as possible!

Over the years I developed my skills in this area massively, and there’s a good chance if you ever chuckled at a piece of PP content over the last few years, that I may well have played a part in its creation.


  • Paddy Power

As the lead designer for the Paddy Power social team I was lucky to be part of a brilliantly creative and hilarious team who were responsible for millions of views of our social content.