PP – Euros Fanzones

For the 2022 Euros, Paddy Power offered fans without the tickets to the game the opportunity to watch tournament matches from their fantastic fanzones in London and Newcastle. The ambition for the brand was to become the most talked-about brand during the tournament, and we achieved this by hosting thousands of supporters in two amazing venues.

I was responsible for the initial business case for the events as well as the design of all branded assets across the sites including venue design, artwork, merchandise and social assets.

The fanzones were an overwhelming success resulting in sold out days throughout the tournament and thousands of happy customers. In terms of delivery, the fanzones generated more than 1,500 pieces of earned media coverage, hundreds of thousands of views of social media content and a 7% share of voice against all “official” Euros brands.

The fanzones resulted in a blueprint for future fan-attended events in racing, which Paddy Power has followed ever since.


  • Paddy Power

  • June 2022

Paddy Power entertained thousands of football fans at their Fanzones in London & Newcastle during the European Football Championships.