Penguin – Big Book of Penguin Jokes

Sleeve design for The Big Book of Penguin Jokes.

When you pick up a Penguin you’re treated to a chocolatey bite and a joke to make you chuckle. 

For decades, Brits have been laughing and sharing the biscuit one-liners everywhere from the playground to the office canteen, and now McVitie’s has revealed the nation’s favourite Penguin jokes of all time.


To mark World Penguin Day (25 April), Brits were asked to vote for the most funny joke that’s found on the back of the iconic snack. Put to a poll of 2,000 adults, the nation’s favourite Penguin biscuit joke has been revealed as:

 ‘What was the name of the Emperor Penguin? Julius Freezer’.

I was asked to create the sleeve for the book, leaning heavily on to the iconic typography and brand assets of the world-famous Penguin chocolate bar.


  • Penguin

  • April 2024

Sleeve design for The Big Book of Penguin Jokes.